First Step to Learn How to Knit – Casting on: Backwards Loop

My advice for learning your very first cast on when beginning to learn how to knit.


After deciding I wanted to learn how to knit, picking up a few skeins of worsted weight yarn and a few pairs of knitting needles, I realized the first thing I needed to learn was how to get the stitches on the needles. 

Casting on is actually much harder to learn than knitting. There are so many different ways to cast on and so many different ways to learning casting on. Its actually fairly simple to do once you get the hang of it, but actually learn how to cast on is a little bit more complicated than actually doing it.  I think this is because teaching someone how to cast on is rather hard to do; its much easier to actually do than to teach how to do.

The first cast on I learned was the backwards loop cast on method and I think this is the first cast on any beginner should learn.  You don’t want to get frustrated and give up before you even begin actually knitting so its best to start out with the easiest, least complicated method so you can get to the fun part; knitting!

I recommend a simple video like the one here which describes the technique in full, beginning with the slip-knot which is almost always used as the beginning of a cast on.

Be careful to cast on loosely with this particular cast-on as it tends to tighten up as you begin to knit.

While I do recommend this cast on for beginners just learning how to knit, I don’t recommend this cast on in general.  It’s actually best used if you have to add stitches in the middle of a row, but even then I have found that a cable or knit cast on works better as this cast on leaves a somewhat “untidy” looking edge.  It is however perfect for a newbie just starting out.

Once you get some stitches cast on to the needle, its now time to learn the knit stitch…

Happy knitting! ♥♥♥